Pressure measurement is often used in processes for measuring liquids, pastes and gases. To meet as many applications as possible, Sensors & Components offers measuring systems for a wide range of applications. The customer-specific sensors are based on the ceramic capacitive Ceracore measuring cell and a silicon pressure sensor.

Kapazitiv keramischer Drucksensor von Endress+Hauser
Silizium Messzelle USD70

The Ceracore sensor is based on the capacitive measuring principle. The components of a plate capacitor are the internally metallized diaphragm and the base body made of high-purity ceramic. The advantages are high vacuum and overload resistance as well as high long-term stability. In addition, the sensor is almost free of hysteresis due to the properties of the material. Learn more about the technology here.

The Ceracore USC30 and USC70 are the basis of all customized pressure transducers. They differ in the size of the measuring cell and thus in the dimensions of the finished pressure transducer.

Our silicon differential pressure transducers are based on a piezoresistive silicon sensor element. A filling oil transmits the pressure from a stainless steel diaphragm to a resistance measuring bridge. The differential pressure dependent change of the bridge output voltage is measured and further processed. Differential pressure measurement with a silicon sensor offers you a number of advantages. Learn more about the technology here.

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