Ceracore USC70

Kapazitiv keramischer Drucksensor von Endress+Hauser


The Ceracore USC 70 is based on the same capacitive ceramic technology as the USC30. Only the outside diameter is almost twice as big.

  • Outer diameter of 32.4 mm
  • Standardized measuring ranges from 0 … 100 mbar to 0 … 70 bar
  • Patented metallic active solder connection of sensor base element and membrane
  • Metallic coating of the sensor base element for improved EMC compatibility and reduced installation sensitivity
  • Made of high-purity ceramic (99.9% Al2O3) and therefore highly resistant and chemically neutral to the most diverse process media
  • As a dry measuring cell without the use of oils for pressure transmission, the Ceracore is absolutely vacuum-resistant
  • Highest overload resistance
  • Linearized and temperature compensated output signal

Interfaces for communication

  • Analogue output signal
    • Ratiometric
    • Absolut
  • Digital output signal
    • SPI
    • UART
  • Digital and analogue output signal can be combined
  • Switching output
  • Temperature output

Application-specific configuration

  • Factory pre-configured sensor (damping, turn-down, measuring range, etc.)
  • Adjustable measuring rate for optimal resolution / power consumption
  • Customer-side configuration possible
  • Output of an additional temperature signal possible
  • Power consumption <1,6 mA


  • Self-monitored measuring cell for maximum safety
  • Communication via secure protocols
  • Improved EMC resistance
  • Approved e.g. ATEX
  • RoHS
  • FDA-listed materials

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