Transducer Ceracore UTC30

Drucktransducer UTC30


Make use of the advantages of the ceramic measuring cell in your customized pressure transducer. You have numerous possibilities of combining the measuring cell with customized electronics, housing designs, process and electric connections – entirely according to your requirements. Make use of the modular design options and run through a first rough configuration with our MySensor configurator. Only a few clicks, and you will receive a sensor in line with your ideas. On basis of this first configuration, we will then develop the final pressure transducer together with you.

Field of use
Pressure transducer for use in pressure measurement of liquid and gaseous media.

Your advantages
Dry capacitive ceramic sensor with high purity (99.9%) Al2O3 ceramic
Based on the USC30 measuring cell.

• High overload resistance
• Very good long-term stability
• High corrosion resistance
• Working range: -20 to +80 ° C
• Digital / analog signal output (SPI, UART, voltage output)
• Small size
• Measuring ranges from 0 .. 100 mbar to 0 … 100 bar
• Optional temperature output, switching output

Process adaption

You may choose from all common process connections and the most varied sealings. The completed pressure transducer must finally fit into your product. We help you to achieve this objective. There are almost no limits in relation to the external form of the pressure sensor.

Electric connection

You may choose from different connection options (plug/cable). Select also from the various output signals – be they analog or digital, your requirement is decisive.

Measuring range

Employing technology, you can measure pressure ranges from 100mbar to 100bar of absolute or gauge pressure. A number of standardized measuring ranges are available within the 100bar range. Customized measuring ranges may be set. The performance of the measuring cell can be adjusted to your application – you get what you need.


In many industries, certification plays a decisive role. Select from different certification options and order final inspection protocols, certificates and documentation.

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